30 Play Ideas To Engage Your Toddler

Entertaining your toddler sometimes become really difficult and you cannot think of how to engage them where both you and your child feel good and spend some time together. Also when you are working around and you think your child is becoming irritating and fussy, he might need your attention and want you to play with him. Read more >>

How to Make Play Dough From Scratch

Engaging your toddler in creative play is very helpful for not only keeping them busy and entertained but also their learning abilities will be improved. You can have get many play ideas to engage your toddler and one of them is playing with dough. With play dough you can help your kids to make many things starting from simple and slowly graduating towards more complicated things. You can give play dough to the child who is not now putting everything in mouth but still always supervise the play or have keen eye on your little one. Read more >>

How to Make the Best Baby Lotion at Home

Babies have the softest and most sensitive skin and when we are faced with the problem of choosing a good product for them, market is flooded with baby products. However all those store bought products contain tons of ingredient including preservatives and different chemical which we won't like to put on the delicate skin of our babies. These ingredients are not only harsh on skin but can also cause some health issues. Because of these issues, now world is turning toward organic and natural products and then again a lot of brands are coming up with their range of products which have all natural ingredients. Read more >>

How to Make Jelly Soap for Kids

As the summers are on full peak, kids become fussy and need activities which can grab their attention while also keep them cool. The best way is fun out door baths or even they can be inside with some toys and nice soap. You can get some bath toys like soft ducks, fish, ships etc. The jelly soap is one more amazing idea to keep them entertain while bathing. You can get them from market but they are also very easy to make it at home with simple ingredients and without harmful ingredients. Read more >>

DIY Stretch Marks Creams Which are Highly Effective

Being pregnant can bring a lot of changes in your body both internally and externally. You do not have to get stressed about these changes as they are natural and are proof that you are going through or have gone through an amazing experience one can have in their life. It is not ordinary and not everyone is blessed with this experience. However, it also doesn't mean that you should not take care of yourself. Read more >>

Teething Issues in Babies and How to Deal with Them

When baby starts teething, it can be a quite tough time for both baby and parents. There are lot of myths about what can help your baby and how you can handle the pain but before trying any medication from your drugstore, consult your pediatrician whether it is suitable for your child or not. Because it can be quite tempting to buy infant pain easing drugs and be comfortable. Apart from that though there are few remedies which you can try at home to soothe your baby and relieve the pain. However you have to be patient during this teething time period as the baby will be fussy and disturb for few weeks. Read more >>

How to handle fatigue during breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding gives your baby all the nutrients and nourishment required. That is pretty much unmatchable compared to any alternative. However, there are cases where the mom is not in the position to breastfeed. There are great alternatives that will help with the growth and development of the baby. Read more >>