20 Essential Postpartum Basket Items Every New Mother Needs

Aug 31, 2023 - Zohra
20 Essential Postpartum Basket Items Every New Mother Needs
Bringing a new life into the world is a beautiful journey, but it also brings a time of adjustment and recovery for new mothers. One way to show love and support to a new mom is by preparing a thoughtful postpartum basket. This carefully curated collection of essentials and comforting items can help her navigate the postpartum period with comfort and care. Though you can add items as you like and know the new mom's likeness about what makes her happy.

However we are suggesting the important items which are useful for her and makes her comfortable during postpartum healing process. Apart from the gift basket make sure to provide the emotional and physical help where needed but don't use that an excuse to overstay unless if asked. As during this time, a mother can be going through tone of emotions and what makes her comfortable is unknown to others. Also be kind and don't provide unsolicited advice unless asked. Let me share a simple guide to creating a nurturing postpartum basket.

1. Essentials for Healing
Include items that aid in her physical recovery, such as maxi pads, disposable underwear, soothing nipple cream, and a perineal spray. Peri bottle, postpartum belly wraps, bath salts, and bath teas are perfect and very important during postpartum healing. She might have stocked up by herself but these things are better to be given for the backup.

2. Nutritious Snacks
Pack a variety of healthy snacks that are easy to grab and nourishing, providing energy during those busy early days. The most healthy snacks can include protein bars, almond muffins, healthy bone broth, stewed fruits, lactation cookies etc.

3. Hydration
Add a reusable water bottle to encourage her to stay hydrated, an essential aspect of postpartum recovery. You can gift a beautiful reusable bottle preferably with built in straw or easy to drink cap.

4. Herbal Teas
These teas are typically made from a variety of herbs known for their healing and soothing properties. These herbal teas include fennel, chamomile or raspberry leaf, to use for digestive aid, lactation support and for relaxation.

5. Comfortable Loungewear
During postpartum it becomes very difficult to wear regular clothes, not only because of comfort but also they can hinder your regular tasks for taking care of baby, using healing products. So gift her with soft, comfortable loungewear that's suitable for nursing and provides ease of movement.

6. Warm Socks and Slippers
It is really important to stay warm during this healing time because due to cold you can get sick further and it also impacts on further complication like cramps and joint pains. Make her cozy with warm socks and plush slippers for those moments of relaxation.

7. Aromatherapy
Scented candles or essential oils can create a calming ambiance and promote relaxation. Make sure to get the suitable essential oils while mother is nursing as they can be problematic for new born.

8. Entertainment
Add a good book, a magazine, or a favorite movie to provide some leisurely moments of escape. Don't provide books about how to do things etc as she might have been reading all those stuff. Pick some light entertaining reading material.

9. Journal and Pen
Encourage her to jot down her thoughts and reflections during this transformative time as not only it will be for future reference but writing is also therapeutic when you don't want to discuss everything with others. It can provide relaxation and can lighten the body.

10. Skincare Treats
During postpartum, mothers usually neglect their beauty care as their all focus will be on baby and healing. A good skin care time can help her connect with herself and refresh her mood. Pamper her with gentle skincare products, like facial mists and moisturizers, for a touch of self-care. Dry shampoo is perfect gift when taking shower is not easy.

11. Handwritten Notes
Include heartfelt notes of encouragement and support from friends and family. You can make box and instruct her to bring out one note daily for week or month. This can bring her smile and encourage her to start her day with new motivation.

12. Puzzle or Mindful Activity
A puzzle or coloring book can offer a mindful and relaxing activity during quiet moments which can bring her focus to reality and help her to use her mind on positive creativity when ever she has time.

13. Heating Pad
Breastfeeding and constant picking a new born can give you sore muscles. Ice packs are not recommended in early stages of postpartum so to provide relief from sore muscles or discomfort, you can give her a heating pad.

14. Sleep Mask
Sleep mask is very important for new mother as the regular sleep cycle is disturbed until the baby falls into sleep routine. So when the baby is napping help her catch some restorative sleep during daytime with a comfortable sleep mask.

16. Baby Care Essentials
Obviously you are excited for new baby so tuck in some gentle baby care products like diaper cream and baby wash, cute onesie, baby socks, wrap and small stuff toy etc

15. Nursing Pads
They are very handy in the starting of breastfeeding journey so add in few disposable nursing pads which can help the mother with leakage.

17. Relaxing Music
A playlist of calming music can create a serene atmosphere for relaxation so do some research according to her taste and provide relaxing music.

18. Tumbler for Warm Drinks
Warm beverages are essential during postpartum which can include, golden milk, bone broth, herbal teas or simple hot cocoa. A spill-resistant tumbler can keep her warm drinks within easy reach.

19. Gentle Stretches Guide
Include a printed out simple guide of gentle stretches to help alleviate tension and encourage gentle movement specially for after breast feeding stretches can help with stiff shoulder and lower back pain.

20. Gift Cards
Gift cards to her favorite takeout places or coffee shops can be a welcome treat on days when cooking feels like a challenge.

Crafting a postpartum basket filled with thoughtful items can be a meaningful gesture that shows a new mom that she's cared for and supported during this transformative time. Whether you're creating the basket for yourself or for a friend, the goal is to provide comfort, encouragement, and a reminder that self-care is essential during the postpartum journey.
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