How To Increase a Child's Self-Esteem

Psychologists offer an excellent exercise (both diagnostic and corrective) to increase a child's self-esteem, which we are happy to share with you. Read more >>

15 Rules for for Breastfeeding

It has been proven that breast milk is the most complete food for a child in the first 6 months, and according to some observations, even during the first year of life. Successful breastfeeding requires the following rules based on WHO-UNICEF recommendations. Read more >>

10 things you need to teach your child

Raising children is a huge responsibility. The future of their children depends on how well parents approach this issue. A person’s personality begins to form at a very early age, and it is important to show the child how to behave in this life by a personal example. Forming the right values and attitudes will help parents raise a happy and successful child. Below are 10 important things to teach your child. Read more >>

The Benefits of Breatsfeeding

Experts around the world unanimously recognize the importance of breastfeeding. The World Health Organization recommends that a child should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months of life, and then continue to be breastfed in addition to solid foods until at least two years of age. Read more >>

Egg Substitute in Recipes for Kids with Egg Allergies

Egg allergies are more common in babies which mostly fade away after sometime on their own. It is better to introduce the eggs in babies after age of at least 9 months and that too try to include only egg yolk as egg whites contain proteins that can lead to egg allergies. If your baby is allergic to eggs or you want a substitute for your recipes then following is the general list of ingredient which can replace egg and act like binding agent for your dishes. Read more >>

7 Reasons for Baby Offensive Behavior

The child is not so afraid of serious difficulties, when in his family he can find protection from the outside world, satisfy the need for affection, love and care. The more terrible and hurtful for him the situation when the offenders are the same adults, on whose support he used to count. Read more >>

8 Ways To Share Happiness With Others

Life is hard - even if you have a good life, it takes effort to stay afloat: learn something, win student debates, get promotions, raise children, help them with a good education and vacations, even take care of a roof over your head and a comfortable home. Everyone is fighting for it, just like you, so why not dilute this world with a drop of happiness. Read more >>