How to Make Jelly Soap for Kids

How to Make Jelly Soap for Kids
As the summers are on full peak, kids become fussy and need activities which can grab their attention while also keep them cool. The best way is fun out door baths or even they can be inside with some toys and nice soap. You can get some bath toys like soft ducks, fish, ships etc. The jelly soap is one more amazing idea to keep them entertain while bathing. You can get them from market but they are also very easy to make it at home with simple ingredients and without harmful ingredients. The best thing is you can shape them as you want, like animal shapes or any fruits shapes, etc with pouring into molds or cut them with fun figure cutters.

To improvise, you can also add glitter, small toys or any thing else you can come up with. Also they are not just for kids, you can use them for yourself by adding any dry flowers or herbs for soothing bath. The options are limitless and there is not too much effort as well. All you need is motivation and few ingredients. So let me tell you, how can you make these jelly soaps.

  • Unflavored gelatin 1 envelope
  • Boiling water 2 cups
  • Clear melt-and-pour soap base half cup
  • Any fragrance oil
  • Kids safe colors or food colors

Now boil the water and pour slowly into gelatin powder. Gently stir mixture as it sets up. Now melt the melt-and-pour soap in a saucepan over low heat or in the microwave oven, using short, 1-minute spurts until the soap base has completely melted. Also continue to stir the gelatin and water. No mix melt-and-pour soap in gelatin mixture. Add few drops of fragrance oil and stir well.

Pour the soap into the mold, add your colors, and swirl them around in the soap to make fun patterns. Now place uncovered container in the refrigerator until firm. Remove container and cut into bar shapes or little pieces. You can even use a cookie cutter to cut shapes. If you wanted to add toys or other things in soap, add them during pouring into molds.

Now you have amazing fun looking soaps for your kids and yourself to make your summer more enjoyable.