New Born Baby Body Suits from Aliexpress - Review

New Born Baby Body Suits from Aliexpress - Review
Buying baby clothes is quite tricky and specially when you want to buy them before birth. Sizes and styles often make you confuse and off course we do not want to buy more then necessary as they will be short with in a month. However the body suits were absolutely one thing, i wanted to buy for my child. I explored my different options and on Aliexpress i found pretty good deals. They have very good review and tons of option to choose from, for both boys and girls.
stripes baby body suit

They offer in 6 pieces package and every package have beautiful color combinations and designs. I picked the one with one plain white, two with stripes, one with little doggies on it, and two plain orange and light green with interesting sentences written on them. Coming to the fabric, they all are pure cotton and have very nice soft material. I found that they are in fact better then what i found in local market. Although they were not all sizes but the difference was not too noticeable, in fact it worked in my favor and i could use the larger ones later. There was also difference in thickness and the orange, green and black strips ones, were more thicker then others. White one was thinner from all.
Stictching of baby body suit

The stitching was up to the mark and they have wide neck are to fit comfortable on babies neck, which after wearing can be adjusted again. The buttons on bottom area were also have very good quality and all in all these suits were very comfortable to wear. I have used them for few months and after washing them for some time, the color did fade slightly and i have found some flints on thicker ones.

Overall for the price they were really goods and i received what i ordered. They did have good quality along with fast shipping. If you are looking some colorful suits for your little one, i highly recommend checking Aliexpress for good deals.

New Born Baby Body Suits from Aliexpress were $14 for 6 pieces.