Dove Baby Soap Bar and Baby Shampoo - Review

Sep 08, 2020 - Zohra -
Dove Baby Soap Bar and Baby Shampoo - Review
As i explained in my post that why i would not choose Johnson's baby products, i was looking for good toiletries for my toddler. Palmer's body wash and lotion is quite good but unfortunately, it is hard to find in Pakistan. Finally i picked the Dove rich moisture soap and shampoo and i am loving it since.
Dove Baby Soap Bar and Baby Shampoo

Product description of Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar
Formulated with our ¼ moisturizing cream, this hypoallergenic, nourishing baby bar will care for your baby’s skin.
Product description of Rich Moisture Shampoo
Keep your baby’s hair and scalp clean, visibly healthy and soft with this moisturizing baby shampoo. Hypoallergenic and tear-free.

My Thoughts
The packaging of both products is simple and useful. The soap comes in cardborad packaging and have oval shape like rest of dove soaps. The smell is very refreshing and pleasant without being too strong. It leathers very well and you do not have to rub a lot of soap to clean. It claims to nourish the skin with ¼ moisturizing cream than ordinary baby soap bars and going beyond mild cleansing to replenish essential nutrients, leaving baby’s delicate skin soft, smooth and healthy-looking. It also claims to have pH-neutral formula which is hypoallergenic, ophthalmologist, dermatologist and pediatrician-tested.

After applying the soap and rubbing on baby skin, you will feel the smoothness which remain after rinsing the soap with water. However like other dove soap bars, it takes time to properly removed from skin. As i have mentioned before that my baby's skin is very sensitive and tends to dry out pretty quickly. This soap not only doesn't dry the skin but also keeps it soft. I highly recommend this soap, if you cannot find any good option.

Coming towards the shampoo, it comes in quite large bottle with simple flip cap. The formula is thick creamy gel and little amount is needed to wash the hairs. The brand claims that it keeps baby's sensitive scalp looking and feeling healthy while it is also ophthalmologist, dermatologist and pediatrician-tested. The tear free formula have unique ¼ moisturizing cream, 100% skin-natural nutrients and prebiotic moisture which helps replenish essential moisture and nutrients to keep your baby’s hair feeling soft. It is recommended to use everyday.

It leaves the hairs very soft and nice smelling. The leather is very nice and washes off quickly as well leaving the hairs super soft and silky behind. It is the most moisturizing formula i have found so far in baby shampoo. Also there is a lot of quantity in bottle and can last for very long even if you bath baby everyday. It has become my new favorite and i would highly recommend it for your babies.
Both products cost between PKR350 to PKR500 depending on stores.