Diaper Bag Essentials for 0 to 6 Month Baby

Diaper Bag Essentials for 0 to 6 Month Baby
Traveling with your baby will require more thinking and working but you cannot let that come in your way and avoid going out. Babies under the age of 6 month usually are easy to handle if they are not fussy or cranky as the older babies who start to sit or crawl, can give you more tough time. You need to pack more things for them as they need solid food and bibs, bowls do add up in the bulk. However the diaper bag for baby under the age of six month also need few things so you can enjoy your trip and keep the baby clean, fed and happy. 
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Diaper Bag
First of all you need diaper bag. You can get any simplest or stylish bag depending on your budget. It should not be too big which can be hard to carry or too small which cannot fit things you want to add. A medium size bag is perfect which you can easily hold or carry while moving. Backpack style diaper bags are more stylish and easy to carry on your back. The simple shoulder bag which can be carried on one shoulder are also good option but they can tire you if you need to walk a long distance. However if you are using baby stroller, then you can easily place the diaper bag on it. While buying try the bag on to see if it is according to your comfort.

Try to choose the one waterproof lining in case of any spills. Multiple pockets can help you organize all the things you are carrying and you can get to the specific item more quickly without submerging all other things. It is still better to keep the small things or medicines in separate plastic bags. Also you can choose this amazing dude diaper bag which is stylish and perfect for dads.

Diapers and changing items
Now comes the most important thing while traveling and it is diapers. Depending on how long you want to stay out, put one for every hour or as your baby require changes. Also always pack few extra in case of emergency. Apart from diaper, you need changing diaper pad, diaper care cream, baby wipes, sanitizer and plastic bag to wrap dirt diaper and wipes.

You don't need to pack full packet of wipes, just pack few in plastic bag according to your need. Apart from diaper changing essential, also pack extra clothing, baby blanket, burping cloth, nursing cover, if you are beast feeding. 

Food and extra care items
If you are feeding formula to baby, pack clean bottle, water and formula along. In case of breast feeding, you don't need any feeding item. Pacifier are good option, if your baby is using one or you just give him occasionally while traveling. To be careful, pack small first aid kit as well, in case of emergencies. Always keep baby safe pain reliever, soothing cream or any herbal stomach soothing syrup. Living in Pakistan, we have loved gripe water for generations and still works.

don't forget to pack, you baby;s favorite toy. Whether it is a stuffed animal, a rattle or any thing which captures the attention of baby. When ever you think he is becoming uncomfortable, try to sooth him with his toy.