PUR Baby Manicure Set - Review

May 14, 2020 - Zohra -
PUR Baby Manicure Set - Review
Trimming baby nails, specially hand nails are very important as they can hurt them selves easily. Though it is better to cover the hands of new born baby with mittens in starting days when their fingers and nails are very delicate and in the effort of trimming nails you might hurt the baby, unless you are an expert. After few weeks or months when you feel the need to trim the nails, try to do the job when baby is sleeping so he wont be moving hands too much. Apart from that a good tool is necessary which can trim easily and is also comfortable to work with. Today i am going to share my thoughts on baby manicure set by PUR.
Pur Baby Manicure Set BoxProduct Description
  • Set contains a pair of scissors, a nail clipper and a nail filer.
  • Suitable for grooming baby’s nails.
  • Helps to keep baby’s nails clean and prevent accidental scratching.
  • Comfortable grip and thumb pad lever help prevent your thumb from moving off the clipper lever, making nail trimming easier.
  • Blunt ends for extra safety.
  • Included case for hygienic cleaning and convenient for traveling.
Pur Baby Manicure Set ToolsPur Baby Manicure Set
Pur Baby Manicure Set DetailsMy Thoughts
The packaging is very cute and this kit comes in small plastic transparent box which contain three tools, including clipper, scissors and filer. The color i chose is aqua blue, there are few other options as well. Once you open the box, tools are fixed with the help of small segments. The clipper though look very small but is perfect to trim the nails of new born or toddler.

The clipper is sharp and is perfect for small nails. It is easy to handle, though you might need little practice holding it in start. As i said earlier, it is best that baby is still while you are doing your job, either sleeping or is focused on something else. You must also have firm grip holding the hand, so he doesn't move. The clipper is perfect for quick trimming and doesn't leave any blunt edges.

Though if you are feeling fancy or have time, you can use filer to smooth the nail ends, so they don't stuck to any thing. Baby nails are quite thin at start and are more sharp, so it is a good practice to not leave the edges and clip and trim them properly for at least 5 to 6 months. The filer is very good as well and in just few swipes, the nails will be smooth and shiny. The scissors are good inclusion and is sharp with good hold. I however didn't use it much on baby as i can't think of any way, he needs it but it is a useful tool while on go, in case you see any lints or want to do craft.

Overall i love this manicure set. It is beautiful and is very useful. The tools are of best quality and are easy to use for your little ones. You can easily carry the kit in diaper bag and it can be a good toy for baby, unless he learns how to open it. I will definitely recommend it.

PUR Baby Manicure Set  is priced around PKR650
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