Why Johnson's baby products are not my choice

Why Johnson's baby products are not my choice
Johnson's baby products are in the market for very long and we remember them from our childhood. The specific smell of lotion and soap is too familiar and when ever there is a new born any house, we see the Johnson's gift baskets pilling up. In fact parents, themselves reach out for these baby care products. Not only they are famous baby care products but they also double for mothers care. Like the lotion for soft hands, oil for dry patches, shampoo for mild cleansing and even used for makeup brush cleaning. Not to forget the talcum powder which is essential part of that unique baby smell.

I also loved these products and always wanted to have them for my baby but not until i tried their baby lotion. I have very dry skin and no lotion was suiting me. If i get too moisturizing product, that will make my skin look dark and oily. I got recommended to use Johnson's baby lotion and bought a bottle for me. After washing my face when i applied this lotion, it felt like burning sensation on my skin. It was too harsh that i couldn't believe. Now if you are thinking that my skin is sensitive and that's all then what about the baby's skin. How do you think it will react to the soft new skin which felt too burning on my not too sensitive skin and i do use random products and never felt like this before.

Not only that, i had came across the issue about their talcum powder causing cancer in baby some time ago and that issue was so surprising. The case went to court and the brand was scolded by many but literally what could be the repairment of the damage they already did. These talc based products are contaminated with asbestos fibers. Even small amounts of asbestos in talc can cause mesothelioma and other deadly diseases. So not only Johnson's but it is better to avoid any brand's talc based products, specially for baby.

Apart from these two products the oil and shampoo are also not my favorite. The oil is unnecessarily scented and i would prefer to use pure almond or mustard oil on my baby rather then this artificial oil which is too fragrant and doesn't help in massaging the skin properly as well. The shampoo is OK but i will rather choose the Dove baby shampoo which makes the skin and hair very soft and the smell is very good too.

Let me know what you thick about Johnson's baby products? Do you like them? If not what are the best options, you found?