How To Bath New Born - Guide and Tips

Jul 24, 2022 - Zohra -
How To Bath New Born - Guide and Tips
A newborn baby every second of his waking life learns a new world, new sensations. But there is something that he knows well, a pleasant and soothing feeling when he is in a warm liquid. Not surprising, because that's how he spent the previous nine months.

So today we will talk about bathing a newborn baby.

When the baby is born, it is covered with original lubricant, which is cleaned. Then after putting on diaper and swaddled in soft cloth, if all is well, baby is handed over to mother. At the stage of the maternity hospital, they don't give bath to infant but only wash the diaper area and give all recommendations for bathing at home.

First bath at home.

1. Select time for bathing: it is best to bath before sleep time, an hour before feeding.
2. Prepare a soft towel, baby skincare products, diaper and clothes.
3. Get a baby bath tub, the water temperature should be in the region of 36–37 ° C (for control, use a thermometer, or try the water with your elbow, if you are comfortable, then the child should also like).
4. Now you can start bathing. For the first time at home, ask someone close to you to be there and help you.
5. Lower the baby into the bath slowly, first the legs, then the whole body. At the same time, talk to him and, of course, smile, the main task is not to scare the baby.
6. In the water, the head and neck of the baby should be on your wrist, with the same hand hold the baby by the shoulder.
7. Gently wash the child with the other hand, wet with water and do not forget about the skin folds.

You only need to bathe with liquid soap once a week, on other days wash with plain water. Once you are done bathing, cover the baby with a towel and transfer to the changing table. Also keep check on room temperature. You cannot put baby on cold changing table after giving him warm bath. Apply very infant safe lotion or oil on baby, focusing on any dry patches. It is better to massage with baby oil before bath but you can lightly massage afterwards as well.

Now you can put your baby on a diaper, clothes, feed and put to bed. Hopefully he will have long nap and you can get a little extra time for you.