Egg Substitute in Recipes for Kids with Egg Allergies

Egg Substitute in Recipes for Kids with Egg Allergies
Egg allergies are more common in babies which mostly fade away after sometime on their own. It is better to introduce the eggs in babies after age of at least 9 months and that too try to include only egg yolk as egg whites contain proteins that can lead to egg allergies. If your baby is allergic to eggs or you want a substitute for your recipes then following is the general list of ingredient which can replace egg and act like binding agent for your dishes. You can off course use them for yourself as well.

However these options doesn't contain the nutrients of egg and are only act as replacement. On their own, they have different nutrients and off curse not just useless ones. If you are looking for the ingredients which are replacement of egg and have similar nutrients then that will be a different topic and we will discus it soon.

The most common use of egg is in baking which helps in combining and binding the other ingredients by adding some fat, liquid and can aid in other chemical reactions needed to help baking properly.⁣⁠ So just remember that not all recipes will be perfect without egg but with trial and error you can make the following ingredients work for you.

Flex seed Egg
It is getting quite popular for the ones who completely want to avoid eggs. It can provide similar sticky texture like egg and have quite good nutrients to offer. So it is one of the best options for egg replacement. Combine 1 tbs of flex seed powder in 3tbs of water and let it form gel for 5 to 10 minutes. Then add in your recipe. You can also use this egg in gluten free recipes as well to bind the gluten free flours

Chia Seed Egg
Act almost similar to flex seed and is very good replacement of egg. When you don't like nutty flavor of flex seeds, try this replacement. Combine 1 tbs of chia seed powder in 3tbs of water and let it form gel for 5 to 10 minutes before adding to your recipes.

⁣⁠Mostly used in baking and for pancakes instead of egg and can be replaced in brownies and muffins as well where you want soft gooey texture. For 1 egg, you can replace 1/4 cup mashed banana.

Works similar like banana with obviously providing apple flavor instead of banana but provide similar results. For 1 egg, add 1/4 cup applesauce

Nut Butter
These are also very good options and can make your cookies, muffins and cup cakes moist and gooey. They also add great flavor and texture along with good fats and nutrients. Add 3tbs of any nut butter instead of egg.